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It's ok, we got you!

While out and about this weekend taking in the sunshine with our furry friends, we ran into these two gentle giants. I want to say these dogs were greyhounds, but honestly I'm not 100% sure, they were however the largest dogs I have ever seen. They were so beautiful, they had such amazing grace and a gentleness to them. My little dog loves other dogs, despite his size, or maybe even theirs, so he walked right over to say hello. These two giant dogs gave my little one the sniff and then a couple of licks and I can't even begin to tell you how cute it was, but what was even greater is that it was so kind. They were all like, Hey, we are all the same, we may be different in size and color, but we are really all after the same thing. We all love to get outside, and walk and talk and meet people. We love a good ear scratch and who doesn't love a belly rub. Oh and don't forget those treats.

I loved watching them getting to know each other ~ it was so sweet. The big dogs were like, Hey, We got you! You're one of us. I love this picture so much. The love in it, the kindness. Made my day. May we all find the kindness in the world today. 🐾


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