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The Drop In

Who let's the dogs out? We do! This service provides a quick trip outside for your pet, fresh food and water and a belly rub to make the visit complete.  You can schedule this daily or as needed. Just let us know. 

          ~ 20 and up

Time to get out the leash! This service provides a great walk for your pet. Whether it be around the park or around the neighborhood, we'll make sure they get plenty of play time in and stretch those legs.  


          ~ 22 and up

The Walk in the Park

Purrrect for Kitties

Your kitty need some extra purr time while you're away? For our feline friends, this service provides fresh food and water, tending to the litter box, and a good chin scratch to end the visit. 

          ~ 20 and up

The Skinny Dip

Milo need a bath?  We can do it.  Just leave out the shampoo and conditioner you would like for us to use and they'll be fresh as new in no time. 

          ~ 25 and up

The Sleepover ~

We are happy to accommodate any special requests that you may have, such as house sitting and/ or boarding your pet either here at our home or staying with them overnight at your house.  

           ~ 65 and up

Let Those Ears Fly

Fido have a play date? Doctor's Visit? Day at the Spa? We got you covered with our Pet Taxi service.

We will pick up your pooch and take them to their appointment and bring them home when they are ready. So roll down the window and let those ears fly! 

          ~ rates vary 

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